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AbilitiesTypeCostRequired AbilitiesEffect
Adrenaline 1Passive1 APWeapon BearerAlways start a conflict with a half-filled adrenaline gauge.
Adrenaline 2Passive3 APShield Charge
Master Warrior
Always start a conflict with a full adrenaline gauge.
Air AttackActive1 APRegeneration
Allows the player to perform an Air Attack against an enemy located below the player. When above an aware target, a Leap Attack option appears above the foe's head. Press the indicated button to attack from this position. Assassinations are still possible when undetected.
Animal TamingActive3 APPyromaniac
Smoke Screen Damage
Poison Darts
Master Seer
(Prerequisite: Sleep Darts) Allows the player to interact with sleeping animals and tame them. When tamed, an animal follows the player around. Predator and defensive animals will assist in fights. Hit an animal with a Sleep Dart, approach it, and hold the indicated button to tame it. The animal can be untamed by holding the same button when next to it.
Arrow RetrieverPassive1 APNoneUnlocks the possibility to retrieve arrows that have been blocked with your shield.
Assassination XPPassive1 APNoneEarn bonus XP upon killing with an assassination.
Assassination lootPassive2 APHeadshot XP
Stealth Kill Streak
Tool Kill XP
Automatically loot an enemy after an assassination.
Attack and PushActive1 APWeapon BearerUnlocks the ability to charge the light attack by holding the Light Attack button after a light attack, pushing the enemy away.
BackstorePassive2 APTool Kill XP
Buy Materials
Chariot Owner
Bayek can now acquire rare gear at shops.
Berserk (Ability)Active2 APFlesh Decay
Poison Darts
Unlocks the ability to inflict Berserk on an unaware enemy. Approach an enemy undetected and hold the indicated button to turn him berserk instead of assassinating him. This causes the foe to attack his nearest target.
Bow BearerActive1 APCharge Heavy Attack
Eagle Harass
Arrow Retriever
Enhanced light bow
Enhanced Predator Bow
Enhanced hunter bow
Enhanced Warrior Bow
With this ability, the player can equip a second bow in the Gear menu. While in game, press the D-pad left to switch between the two bows.
Bow FuryActive3 APElite Ranger
Hunter's Instinct
Chain Assassination
Master Hunter
Using a bow to perform a stealth kill activates slow motion for 3 seconds, giving the player an opportunity to perform another quick stealth kill. This only happens outside of conflict, so once detected, this is not an option.
Breath Holding ChampionPassive3 APBuy Materials
Master Seer
Increases underwater breath, so the player can stay underwater for a longer period of time.
Buy MaterialsActive2 APSalesman
Breath Holding Champion
Unlocks the ability to buy resources at shops. Very useful for completing upgrades on your gear when materials are in short supply.
Call MountActiveNoneNoneGiven to Bayek at the start of the game, this ability allows Bayek to call his mount by holding D-Pad down.
Chain AssassinationActive3 APStealth Kill Streak
Bow Fury
Master Hunter
Allows the player to use his knife to stealthy kill another target after an assassination by pressing the button shown on screen.
Charge Heavy AttackActive1 APRegeneration
Eagle Harass
Bow Bearer
Allows the player to charge a Heavy Attack by holding down the Heavy Attack button. A fully charged Heavy Attack will shield break tower shields and knock enemies to the ground. Use this move carefully as you are vulnerable to attack, during the charge.
Chariot OwnerActive3 APBackstore
Master Seer
Chariots become available for purchase at shops, allowing the player to travel Ancient Egypt in a chariot. Equip the vehicle at the Gear screen.
Dawn and DuskActive1 APNoneWith this ability, hold the world map button to sit and make time speed forward. Changes night to day and vice versa. This is useful when nighttime is too dark, a quest requires you meet someone at a certain time of day, or you wish to change NPCs' positions and actions. Some enemy strongholds and animal dens tend to be less active at night. Assassinations can be performed against sleeping soldiers.
Eagle HarassPassive2 APCharge Heavy Attack
Bow Bearer
The Eagle can help the hero by harassing nearby enemies. While in Eagle Hover mode, press the button indicated on your HUD to have Senu stun enemies. Also during combat, Senu will harass enemies from time to time.
Eagle TaggingActiveNoneNoneTag enemies from the Eagle Hover mode by holding the Aim button and moving the cursor across the foes
Elite RangerActive3 APEnhanced Light Bow
Enhanced Predator Bow
Enhanced Hunter Bow
Enhanced Warrior Bow
Bow Fury
Master Hunter
As an Elite Ranger, Bayek enters slow motion when aiming his bow while in the air (hold the Aim button). Perform a headshot during the maneuver to score an achievement/trophy.
Enhanced Hunter BowActive2 APBow Bearer
Elite Ranger
Allows the player to break a shield defense by charging a shot from any hunter bow. Hold the shoot button to perform the attack.
Enhanced Light BowPassive2 APBow Bearer
Elite Ranger
Increases the number of arrows you can fire before needing to reload.
Enhanced Predator BowActive2 APBow Bearer
Elite Ranger
Allows the player to control the arrow when shooting with any predator bow. Hold the shoot button and use the left analog stick to control the arrow in the air.
Enhanced Warrior BowActive2 APBow Bearer
Elite Ranger
Reduce the dispersion zone by charging any warrior bow with the shoot button. This concentrates the damage on a single target.
Extend ComboActive2 APAdrenaline 1
Kill Loot
Allows the player to deal an additional attack against an enemy before entering recovery.
Fire bombActive1 APDawn and Dusk
Smoke Screen
Unlocks the ability to use firebombs. Equip the tool at the Gear screen and hold D-pad left to equip it. Hold Aim to aim and Heavy Attack to throw it. Sets enemies and certain flammable objects on fire.
Flesh DecayActive1 APSleep Darts
Unlocks Flesh Decay tool, which is used after a kill by holding the indicated button. Poisoned corpses contaminate nearby NPCs.
Headshot XPPassive1 APNoneEarn bonus XP upon killing with a headshot.
HijackActive2 APAir Attack
Smoke Screen
Allows players to hijack guards on vehicles and take control of their mount/vehicle.
Hunter's InstinctActive2 APBow Fury
Assassination XP
Allows the player to see the paths of enemies. While in hover mode with Senu, mark an enemy to see his current activity and destination. Enables the player to set an ambush along the enemy's path.
Kill LootPassive3 APExtend Combo
Master Warrior
Automatically loots an enemy after killing with a melee attack.
Master HunterPassive1* APElite Ranger
Bow Fury
Chain Assassination
Increase bow damage by +1%. This ability can be acquired multiple times. This becomes extremely handy when attempting the toughest challenges in the game, such as War Elephants and Phylakes.
Master SeerPassive1* APAnimal Taming
Breath Holding Champion
Chariot Owner
Increase tool damage (poison darts, firebombs, smoke bombs, and fire) by +1%. This ability can be acquired multiple times.
Master WarriorPassive1* APOverpower Chain Throw
Adrenaline 2
Increase melee damage by +1%. This ability can be acquired multiple times. Good for those who prefer combat close up.
OverpowerActiveNoneNoneGiven at the start of the game, this allows for an Overpower attack once the adrenaline bar is filled. Unleash the special attack by pressing the two buttons shown on the adrenaline meter. Swords, spears, heavy blades, and dual swords trigger an Overpower attack, a high-damage attack on a single enemy.
Overpower Chain ThrowActive3 APOverpower XP
Overpower Combo
Overpower Ultra
Master Warrior
After an Overpower attack, press the Light Attack button to chain with a combo of light attacks.
Overpower ComboActive2 APWeapon BearerAllows the player to chain an Overpower attack with additional attacks. The type of attack added to the Overpower attack varies, depending on the weapon equipped. With dual swords, chain light attacks after the Overpower. With the spear, chain a throw attack after the Overpower. With the sword, chain a stun attack after the Overpower.
Overpower UltraPassive1 APWeapon BearerDoubles the damage done by Overpower attacks.
Overpower XPPassive1 APWeapon BearerEarn additional XP upon killing with the Overpower attack.
ParryActive1 APRegenerationAllows the player to deflect an incoming attack by tapping the parry button while in Shield mode. Hold Shield Lock to enter Shield mode and then press the Parry button just as an opponent attacks. This staggers the enemy, providing the opportunity to perform a counterattack.
Poison Darts (Ability)Active2 APBerserk
Animal Taming
Unlocks the ability to equip and throw poison darts. Poison deals damage to the inflicted enemy, while also contaminating nearby foes. Equip the tool at the Gear screen and hold D-pad left to equip it. Hold Aim to aim and Heavy Attack to throw it.
PyromaniacPassive1 APSmoke Screen
Animal Taming
The fire produced by fire weapons (fire bomb, fire arrow, and torch) causes 50% greater damage.
RegenerationPassive1 APNoneThe player's health regenerates during a fight.
SalesmanPassive1 APDawn and Dusk
Tool Kill XP
Buy Materials
Allows the player to sell animal goods and trinkets at +25% the price.
Shield ChargeActive2 APAdrenaline 1
Adrenaline 2
When in shield mode, hold the parry button to run at your target and bash enemies in your way. This consumes adrenaline and thus requires adrenaline to perform. Use the maneuver to close in on a target, being careful of incoming attacks.
Sleep Darts (Ability)Active1 APDawn and Dusk
Flesh Decay
Unlocks Sleep Darts in the inventory. Equip the tool at the Gear screen and hold D-pad left to equip them. Hold Aim to aim and Heavy Attack to throw it. Enemies or animals at your level or lower will fall asleep when hit with a sleep dart. Great for handling multiple foes, taking one or more out of the action.
Smoke Screen (Ability)Active1 APHijack
Smoke Screen Damage
Fire bomb
Press the interact button after melee attacking or rolling to drop this powder. It stuns nearby enemies and creates a smoke screen. Smoke screens can break line of sight. Use to flee trouble or get the jump on an enemy.
Smoke Screen DamagePassive2 APSmoke Screen
Animal Taming
Enemies caught within the radius of a smoke screen now take damage and are knocked to the ground.
Stealth Kill StreakActive2 APAssassination Loot
Chain Assassination
Gain extra XP if you perform a stealth kill immediately after another stealth kill.
Tool Kill XPPassive1 APBackstore
Assassination Loot
Rewards player with XP upon killing with a tool. For fire weapons (firebomb, fire arrow, and torch), XP is only given with a kill that results from the hit, not from the burning effect. Same holds true for the poison dart. XP is awarded for killing with an exploding oil jar and Smoke Screen attack.
Weapon BearerActive1 APParryAllows the player to equip a second melee weapon. Press D-pad right to switch between the two melee weapons.