Adorer of Thoth Tomb

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Adorer of Thoth Tomb
Location Giza
Silica Available 5
Treasures 6
Ancient Mechanism None
Adorer of Thoth Tomb is a Tomb.


Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

This Tomb can be found in Giza, west of the Great Pyramids. In order to find it, locate the thieves camp nearby. It will be crawling with Level 16 enemies, so make sure to take your time and do not rush in unprepared. Also, keep an eye out for any snipers that could be around. Killing them will clear good vantage points for you to employ.

Making your way inside this zone, you will reach an open area with some short wooden steps. Take the steps up to find the first Silica. On the other side of the chamber, on top of a high platform, there is a second Silica to collect.

Once you collect them, move deeper into the base. Inside the next cavern, there is a treasure to collect to the left, next to a campfire. Then, before you move into the base, wait for the monkey statue to drop in the nearby pool. Swim through it to find a room with a Silica and a rare treasure.

Next up, continue up the slope behind which the monkey statue fell. You will come across a jumping puzzle with two elevators that work as scales. When one is heavier than the other, it will go down and the other will rise.

One of the elevators will be dead ahead, and the other to your left. Get to the one in front of you and grab the spool from it, then place it on the left one. Add three more spools to the left elevator to secure it in place and jump to the target location. Then, follow the dark path to a treasure room with some Silica on its central platform.

Dropping into the next (and final) chamber, you will find the Ancient Tablet, four treasures, and another Silica on the ledge left of the tablet's position. Collect everything, then take the path just after the tablet's position to make your way out of the tomb.