Animal Goods

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Animal GoodsRaritySellDescriptionAcquired By
Crocodile EggRare12Can be used to treat a number of ailments and conditions.Loot Crocodile
Flamingo TongueCommon5The flamingo's meat is succulent, but its tongue is a delicacy fit for kings and queens.Loot Flamingo
Gazelle HoovesCommon5You know it's trading in the market but you have absolutely no idea why.Loot Gazelle
Heron FeathersCommon5Heron feathers lead the spirits of the dead through the Duat.Loot Heron
Hippopotamus MeatRare10A rare delicacy also known as "lake cow bacon."Loot Hippopotamus
Hyena EarsRare12A hunter's trophy and proof of courage.Loot Hyena
Ibex HornsCommon5An ever-popular sculpting material.Loot Ibex
Ibis BeakCommon5Symbol of the crescent moon. Used to represent Thoth in rituals.Loot Ibis
Leopard FurLegendary50For cold nights and windy weather.Loot Leopard
Lion ClawRare35Popularly worn as a pendant by commoners. Not a bad look, really.Loot Lion
Vulture SkullCommon7When the scavenger becomes the scavenged.Loot Vulture