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Type Main Quests
Location Alexandria
Prerequisite May Amun Walk Beside You
Level 9
Reward NA
Unlock Egypt’s Medjay
Description Bayek travels to Alexandria to search for his wife.
Aya is a Main Quest.

Travel to Alexandria[edit | edit source]

Back to Bayek[edit | edit source]

Now in the Iment Nome desert, the previous quest completes and you are asked to move on to the Aya quest. As you head towards Alexandria and cross through Lake Mareotis, a quick survey of challenges and activities commensurate to your level will allow you to raise it in preparation for the tests to come. The subsequent side quests may be of interest:

- Synchronize with the desert viewpoint and the Lake Mareotis viewpoints

- Defeat Necropolis Bandit and Eremos Hideouts

- Divine Lion Stone Circle

- Complete the Lake Marmots side quests: Hidden Tax, The Book of the Dead, Ambush in the Temple, Ulterior Votive, Lady of Slaughter, Birthright and Taste of Her Sting

- Find the Klepts End, Hathor of Mefkat, Mefka and Lost Crypt treasures

Meet Aya at the Library[edit | edit source]

Once you reach Alexandria, synchronize with all available viewpoints around the city prior to heading to find Aya. Close to Sarapeion, you will find Aya’s home. Avoid any form of confrontation by gaining access through the roofs surrounding the court yard. Locate all available loot to understand the motivation behind Aya being in hiding.

The Great Library can be located by following the marker leading to the northern dock area. Once there, head down the left side hallway as you gain access to the Great Library, turn towards the right and follow the path towards the staircase where you will find an imposing statue of Serapis. A scholar sporting a beard named Phanos appears once you interact with the statue, prompting you to follow in order to reach Aya.

Location Objective: Find Papyrus Puzzle[edit | edit source]

The Papyrus can be found by heading towards the northern end of the library and locating it sitting on a table on the second floor balcony.

Follow Phanos[edit | edit source]

Phanos divulges his connection to Aya as her cousin and provides details as to the events that unfolded at her home. The commander of the Phylakitai of Alexandria, Gennadios, hopes to find her in order to extract information via violent means. Phanos leads you to a tower-shaped decorative pillar located opposite the library. Aya can be found inside.

Explore the Well[edit | edit source]

Reach the top of the pillar and take a dive into the well. Once inside, find the tunnel located near the shallow water to find Aya’s hideout. A cut scene displaying Bayek and Aya reuniting is shown with Bayek admitting to his blood lust whilst killing Medunamun. She informs Bayek of the steps she took to eliminate Actaeon and advises of the presence of a further mask-wearing culprit, who they must eliminate to finally complete their mission of seeking revenge for their fallen son.

Appollodorus, Aya’s connection to queen Cleopatra, assist in unearthing information about the location of the Snake, their final masked mark, in Ptlolemy’s court. Cleopatra is as eager as Aya and Bayek to eliminate the Snake, going so far as to provide a wrist dagger to Aya that Bayek now sports, allowing him to kill enemies instantly by stabbing them in the neck.

Assassinate Your Target[edit | edit source]

Aya advises you that she must stay put until the commander Gennadios is killed, unlocking the End of the Snake and Gennadios the Phylakitai quests. Completing them and rejoining Aya at the Paneion viewpoint will grant completion of the overall Aya quest.

To proceed, pulse the animus to uncover a weapon and head towards the corner gate to leave the hideout.