Berenike - The Crocodile

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Berenike - The Crocodile
Type Enemy
Gender Female
Age 60s
Ethnicity Greek
Birth Place Faiyum
Berenike - The Crocodile is a Major Enemy.

Description[edit | edit source]

Berenike is the Nomarch (Governor) of Faiyum.

Berenike is mostly focused on achieving peace and order. She inherited her wealth and power from her father, who was more concerned with the personal gains that he extracted from his riches.

In her early years, Berenike was not on good terms with her father, mostly due to her private tutor at the time. He is the one who inspired her idealistic nature and sparked conflict between the two. In the end, she was forced to choose between her father's life and her own ideals. She chose the latter and was inducted into the Order of Ancients after she poisoned her father.

When the players meet Berenike, her Order of Ancients is focused on using her control over the region to fund their own operations.

Notes[edit | edit source]