Cat and Mouse

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Cat and Mouse
Type Side Quests
Location Kyrenaika
Prerequisite The Mousetrap
Level 36
Reward 3,000 XP
Cat and Mouse is a Side Quest.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Starting the quest, track down Mouse to a jail cart near the Apollonion of Cyrene. Assassinate the lone driver, then grab Mouse from the back and carry him away from the cart until your objective updates. Then, drop Mouse on the ground and speak to him.

Make your way to the nearby baths and locate the open window on their southwestern side. Climb through it for a direct access to the investigation room, avoiding all hostiles patrolling the area. Then, investigate the bloodstains to make your objective update.

Once your objective updates, climb up the wall behind the bed and look down. The room you need to enter will be just ahead, but there will be a soldier guarding it, as well as another one nearby. Deal with the guards however you see fit, then enter the room and locate the body of Paulus Aurelius. You will receive a note, which says that Metrobius, a local actor, will be the next victim.

Climb back up to the investigation room and exit through the same window you used to enter the Baths. Then, ride for the amphitheater in northwestern Cyrene.

Just before the stage, another dead body lies on the ground. Kill the nearby lion, then investigate the body. This will award you another note, which names the Wolf's Den brothel as the next murder location.

Head southwest to the brothel, then prepare your Warrior Bow before you interact with the next body. As soon as you are done interacting with it, turn west to the open doorway to find the murderer coming your way. Take him down, then examine his dead body to receive one final note.

With that done, head north to find Mouse. He will be by the Temple of Zeus, in some bushes. Speak to him to complete the quest.