Eudoros of Alexandria - The Hippo

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Eudoros of Alexandria - The Hippo
Type Enemy
Gender Male
Age 60s
Ethnicity Greek
Birth Place Greece
Eudoros of Alexandria - The Hippo is a Major Enemy.

Description[edit | edit source]

Eudoros is a Greek man in his 60s, both proud and handsome. He is a respected philosopher, with many books written by his hand.

He cares little for the fate of the common Egyptians. His interests lie mostly with his own thoughts and views about the world. When he does turn to the outside world, he makes sure to do so in extreme luxury, enjoying the finest pleasure of life.

Eudoros believes in the idea of inherent nobility and thinks that he is the most inherently noble of all. When players meet him, his task is to create and spread propaganda that proves the superiority of noblemen over the common folk. He is also tasked with executing everyone that opposes King Ptolemy XIII.

Notes[edit | edit source]