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Enemy Level 24 - 29
Village Soknopaiou Nesos, Karanis, Dionysias, Euhemeria
Medium Military Dionysias Caravanserai, Okteres Blockade
Small Military Pannouki Hideout, Beached Trireme Camp, West Moeris Trireme, Ketket Cove Hideout, East Moeris Trireme, Dionysias Wharf, Euhemeria Lighthouse Camp
Main Quests 1
Side Quests 10
Hermit Location 1
Papyrus Puzzle 2
Ptolemy Statue 1
Stone Circle 2
Treasure 17
Faiyum is a Location.

Main Quests[edit | edit source]

Number Quest Level Notes
15 The Crocodile's Scales 25

Side Quests[edit | edit source]

Location Level Notes
Murder in the Temple 24
Feeding Faiyum 24 complete Murder in the Temple
Curse of Wadjet 25
Rebel Strike 25
The Bride 26
Sorbek's Gold 27
Forging Siwa 28
The Sickness 28 complete Crocodiles Jaws
Fires of Dionysias 37 complete Crocodiles Jaws
Demons in the Desert 39

Hermit Location[edit | edit source]

Location Notes
Eremites Hideout

Papyrus Puzzle[edit | edit source]

Location Notes
Sarapeion of Karanis
Valley market

Ptolemy Statue[edit | edit source]

Location Notes

Stone Circle[edit | edit source]

Location Notes
Taweret Stone Circle
Pisces Stone Circle

Treasure[edit | edit source]

Location Notes
Wadjet's Burrow
Vault of Splendors
Covert Grain Store
Sunken Temple of Pnepheros
Senwosret II Temple
Underground Stash
Abandoned Fishing Village
Sea of Sobek Anchorage
Golden Horn Island
Shi-wer Anchorage
Requisitioned Dionysias House
Sunken Trireme
Seized Oikos
Euhemeria Royal Granary
Wrecked Felucca

Notes[edit | edit source]