Flavius Metellus - The Lion

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Flavius Metellus - The Lion
Type Enemy
Gender Male
Age 40s
Ethnicity Roman
Birth Place Rome
Flavius Metellus - The Lion is a Major Enemy.

Description[edit | edit source]

Flavius is a distinguished Roman soldier with plenty of military experience. He is a descendant of an old patrician family that lost its fortune, but he married Porcia Orestilla, a wealthy Roman woman, in order to restore his former riches. Some of his enemies claim that he killed his previous wife and their son, so he can marry Porcia.

Flavius was the governor of Cyrenaica and spent most of his time in Cyrene, the region's capital. Ever since he set foot in Africa, he has had his sights on Egypt's vast riches.

His relationship with Ceaser is one of mutual benefit, instead of friendship or trust. Flavius uses Ceaser to advance his military and political position, while Ceaser keeps him around due to his power and influence. In reality, Flavius disagrees with some of Ceaser's views. He believes that the Egyptians are a resource that he should use for his own purposes.

Notes[edit | edit source]