Green Mountains

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Green Mountains
File:Green Mountains.png
Enemy Level 32 - 35
Village Balagrae
Fort Kyrenaike Roman Citadel
Medium Military Prasinos Roman Camp, Necropolis Hideout
Small Military Collis Roman Hunting Camp, Desperate Gully Hideout, Kastor High Hideout, Poludeukes Hideout, Roman Quarry Camp, Balagrae Barracks, Roman Watchtower, Auritina Roman Tower, Bandit Hideout, Akabis Roman Tower
War Elephant Camp of Surus
Side Quests 8
Papyrus Puzzle 2
Treasure 8
Green Mountains is a Location.

Side Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Level Notes
The Good Roman 33
Taking Liberty 33
One Bad Apple 35 complete Main Quest: The Final Weighing
Playing with Fire 33 appears after world event
Halo of the Huntress 34
Unseeing Eyes 35
Carpe Diem 35
Shadows of Apollo 38

Papyrus Puzzle[edit | edit source]

Location Notes
Oracle of Apollo

Treasure[edit | edit source]

Location Notes
Lake of the Clouds Ruins
Forsaken Sanctuary
Aquaeductus Kyrenaike
Poimen Relay
Shrine to Hygieia
Lumber Depots
Theras Ampelos
Refugee Haven

Notes[edit | edit source]