Hippodrome Chariot Races

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The Hippodrome Chariot Races are side Activities found in Assassin's Creed: Origins.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

The Hippodrome Chariot Races can be accessed once a player reaches the village of Kanopos. Located at the center of the village, players can find the Lageion Hippodrome, where they can take part in chariot racing. There is also a tutorial available that will introduce players to the basics of racing.

Basic Mechanics[edit | edit source]

If players opt to take the tutorial, they will be taken through the following basic mechanics of chariot racing:

  • Accelerating: Holding the Heavy Attack button will make your chariot accelerate. You want to do that for the majority of the race unless a very sharp turn is coming up.
  • Steering: Steering can be done with the left stick. The goal is to stick to the dark path in the middle of the track.
  • Boosting: In order to Boost, players need to hold the Interaction button. A meter in the middle of the screen will show how much Boost is available. It can be replenished by sticking to the dark path on the track or by Drafting.
  • Drafting: Keeping your chariot close behind an opponent is called Drafting. The closer you are, the faster your Boost will replenish.
  • Drifting: In order to Drift in a turn, players must hit the Dodge button. It is best to keep accelerating during the drift in order to get out of the turn as fast as you have entered it.
  • Destroying Chariots: All chariots on the track, including the player's one, are destructible. They are destroyed when their health bar goes to zero. This knocks the competitor out of the race. If the player's chariot is destroyed, the race is failed and needs to be restarted.
  • Trampling: In order to Trample an opponent's chariot, players need to get up close behind them and hit the Grab Ledge button. This will lower the opponent's health, but it will also significantly slow down the player's chariot.
  • Ramming: In order to Ram an opponent's chariot, players need to pull up alongside them and hit the Grab Ledge button. This will slightly lower the opponent's health and it will knock them off course.
  • Climbing Back In: Sometimes, when the player's chariot is hit with enough force by an opponent or an obstacle, players will be knocked off their chariot. In order to climb back in, they need to mash the Parkour interaction button.
  • Bracing: Bracing allows players to take a hit from a rival chariot. It is done by holding the Shield Mode button.
  • Obstacles: Various obstacles on the track will slow you down or lower your chariot's health. Horses can run through them, but it would be both faster and safer to avoid them.

Race Types[edit | edit source]

There are two basic race types in the Hippodrome - Time Trial and Tournament. Each of them works in a slightly different way than the other.

Time Trial[edit | edit source]

In Time Trial, players enter the Hippodrome alone. There are no rival chariots in the way, but there are still regular obstacles. The goal is to beat a given time.

There are four Time Trial races. The first is unlocked the moment players unlock the Hippodrome. The rest are unlocked by achieving a Best Time on the previous Time Trial.

Race Rotation Laps Easy Goal Medium Goal Hard Goal
Race I Clockwise 3 1:44.49 1:40.49 1:37.34
Race II Counterclockwise 3 1:44.08 1:41.41 1:37.91
Race III Clockwise 4 2:16.45 2:13.19 2:11.32
Race IV Counterclockwise 5 2:50.74 2:46.46 2:44.56

Tournament[edit | edit source]

Tournaments are events that consist of three races each. The first four competitors to finish each race are awarded points: 5 points for 1st place, 3 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd, and 1 for 4th. Once all three races are complete, the competitor that accumulated the most points is declared the winner. Players must finish a tournament in 1st place to unlock the next tournament.

Completing all four tournaments will unlock Elite difficulty. Elite tournaments are identical to the regular ones, but the five rivals are faster and stronger than before.

Tournament rewards are the following:

Tournament Rotation Laps Description
Nike's Winged Victory Clockwise 3/3/3 A classic Greek-themed race. Can you earn the glory of Nike?
Ramesses' Divine Justice Counterclockwise 3/3/4 A race honoring the Great Ancestor. Can you earn Ramesses’ favor?
Sol Indiges' Cursus Magnus Clockwise 3/4/4 A great race of Kanopos. Can you earn the honor of Sol Indiges?
Darius' Great Battle Counterclockwise 4/4/5 A time-honored race in Persian style. Can you earn the grace of Darius?