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Hunting Grounds are side Activities in Assassin's Creed: Origins.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Hunting Grounds are Activities that will send players after some elite animals around Egypt. The targets can be found at various animal dens in the world and will often be accompanied by lesser beasts of the same species. The main goal of each hunt is to take down the alpha of the pack. This will reward players with XP and extra loot from its body.

There are 40 animals of seven different types that players can hunt.

Cobra Lair[edit | edit source]

  • Type: Defensive
  • Resource: 1 Cobra Venom/Cobra

Currently, there is only one elite Cobra players can hunt down. It can be found in Saqqara Nome when players slide through a small opening on the northern side of the room. Inside, players will also encounter some treasure they can loot.

The fight itself shouldn't be too hard. Cobras usually go down with a couple of hits. Alternatively, fire and sleeping darts can also be used.

Crocodile Lairs[edit | edit source]

  • Type: Defensive
  • Resource: Hard Leather

There are nine elite Crocodiles players can take down, varying in level. Each of them will be accompanied by a pack of crocodiles one level below their leader. The alpha can be recognized by its bigger size and black color.

If given the chance, the crocodiles will quickly attack the player, all at once. This can become overwhelming, so attacking the group from a safe distance is the best option. Try to avoid getting in melee range if possible, because the reptiles are fast and vicious. Also, keep in mind that the alpha might try to flee if it feels threatened.

The table below details the Crocodile Lair locations, as well as the alphas' levels.

Level Territory Location
8 Lake Mareotis Southeast of the Temple of Sekhmet, on a small island.
14 Sap-Meh Nome At the northwestern end of Sap-Meh Nome, on the east coast of Lake Mareotis.
14 Sap-Meh Nome In a small canyon, northwest of Anthylla Outpost. It should be around the middle of the territory.
14 Sap-Meh Nome Southeast of Apollodorus's estate.
21 Ineb-Hedjet Nome North of Memphis and straight south of Pr-Hapi-n-Iwnw, in the shallow waters just east of the territory's coast.
30 Faiyum Oasis Between Philadelphia and Krokodilopolis, on the eastern side of the waterway.
32 Im-Khent Nome North of Udjat Apiary.
32 Herakleion Nome Directly west of Yw Huts, southeast of Thonis.
33 Herakleion Nome Southwest of Natho, at the southwestern corner of the territory.

Hippopotamus Lairs[edit | edit source]

  • Type: Defensive
  • Resource: Hard Leather

Hippos are large and relatively slow. However, they can quickly close the distance between them and you if they use their charge attack. Try not to get too close to an active Hippo, or else you might get overpowered.

Alpha Hippos can be recognized by the white spots on their skins and they will be accompanied by other animals of the same species and similar level.

When fighting the alpha Hippos, try to isolate them from the pack. Also, keeping them down with sleep darts can be a great strategy. Alternatively, you can get up to a vantage point and pepper them with arrows, because they cannot climb. However, it would take a lot of arrows to bring a Hippo down.

The table below details all alpha Hippos available to hunt.

Level Territory Location
8 Lake Mareotis Between Lakeside Villa Outpost and Temple of Sekhmet, on the lake's western shore.
14 Lake Mareotis Southwest of Sais, on the southeastern end of the lake.
27 Faiyum At the northwestern end of the lake.
30 Uab Nome Directly west of Krokodilopolis, on the eastern shore of the piece of land that sticks out of Uab Nome.
31 Uab Nome Southeast of Krokodilopolis, on the northern shore of the territory, opposite the Tomb of Amenemhat III.
33 Herakleion Nome Northwest of Natho, in the southwestern portion of the territory.

Hyena Lairs[edit | edit source]

  • Type: Predator
  • Resource: Soft Leather

Hyenas around the player's level can be quite the threat. They travel in big packs and can quickly become overwhelming, due to their numbers. The alphas can be recognized by their black-striped white fur.

Hyenas are less active at night, so players could use this to their advantage. However, they have no problems detecting an approaching threat, so caution is always advised.

It is best to fight these beasts from a high vantage point, peppering them with arrows. Try to put a sleep dart into the alpha first to give yourself more time. Also, make sure that your position is high enough, otherwise the Hyenas might be able to climb it.

At some point, the alpha will try and flee. You will have to chase it on foot, so be mindful of any other threats around you when you do.

The table below details the alpha Hyenas and their locations around Egypt.

Level Territory Location
3 Siwa At a small watering hole near the northeastern side of the lake.
14 Sap-Meh Nome At the northern coast, opposite Alexandria.
19 Giza At the end of the path between Tombs of Khafre and Menkaure, on the western side of the territory.
25 Saqqara Nome Directly west of the Bent Pyramid of Djoser and just to the southwest of Nitria.
27 Faiyum Directly west of Dionysias, in the southwestern part of the territory.
31 Uab Nome West of a word portal near the middle of the territory, south of Dioryx Megale Wharf.
39 Isolated Desert On the southern side of the canyon that connects to Qattara Depression, northwest of Theos Elpis Rift.

Ibex Lair[edit | edit source]

  • Type: Prey
  • Resource: Soft Leather

There is only one Ibex lair in the whole game, with a lone level 3 elite Ibex.. It can be found in Siwa, at a small watering hole east of the city and northeast of the big lake.

The Ibex will run if spooked, so be ready for that. Also, be mindful of nearby Hyenas that could potentially steal your kill (and loot).

Leopard Lairs[edit | edit source]

  • Type: Predator
  • Resource: Pelts

Leopards are usually found in small packs, with the black one being the alpha. They will attack the player upon detection.

It is best to engage from a distance, ideally from a high vantage point that they cannot reach. However, if the target is alone, the fight can be won in Shield mode. Sleep darts can also greatly help when looking for some additional crowd control.

When engaging the Leopards in Fayium, you might have the chance to catch them in their den. If that happens, aim through the hole above and set fire to the brush. This will eliminate their exit route and they will be trapped while you pepper them with arrows.

The table below details all alpha Leopard levels and locations.

Level Territory Location
20 Saqqara Nome Northwest of Memphis and directly east of the Pyramid of Djoser, in the northeastern corner of the territory.
27 Fayium Between Philadeplhia and Kerke, in the southeastern part of the territory.
33 Uab Nome Atop a plateau with some ruins, southeast of Etesias' Olive Grove and at the eastern border of the territory.
34 Libue Near the top of the mountain in the south portion of the territory.
34 Green Mountains Northeast of Necropolis Hideout, northwest of Aquaeductus Kyrenaike, and southwest of Collis Roman Hunting Camp.

Lion and Lioness Lairs[edit | edit source]

  • Type: Predator
  • Resource: Hard Leather

Lions, both male and female, are extremely dangerous foes. Males are usually found alone, while females move in prides of several animals. Alpha beasts can be recognized by their white fur.

Preparation is king when fighting lions because you want to make the fight easier for yourself before it even begins. Use the Dawn & Dusk ability to determine whether it is the right time to strike. Additionally, use Senu to mark every lion in the area prior to engagement, so you can know what you are dealing with right off the bat. Sleep darts can also be extremely helpful, so make sure to use them.

When you finally engage the felines, try to do it from a distance and never fight them in tight spaces. At close range, they are absolutely deadly. You do not a close-quarter battle with these beasts. Ideally, you will engage them from a high vantage point that they cannot climb to.

The table below lists all four lion and lioness dens available in the game.

Level Territory Location
20 Ka-Khem Nome Directly east of Letopolis, in the southern part of the territory.
33 Haueris Nome Northwest of Hermopolis and south of the limestone quarry, in the southern part of the territory.
34 Libue Northeast of Sragina camp, among the ruins atop the mountain in the western portion of the territory.
40 Marmarica West of Livius Roman Tower, atop the mountain in the middle of the territory.

Vulture Lairs[edit | edit source]

  • Type: Defensive
  • Resource: None

Vultures will not attack unless provoked. The alphas can be recognized by their white feathers.

It is best to engage vultures when they are on the ground. You can employ sleeper darts to keep them there. If they fly up in the air, use the Warrior Bow's spread to deal with them. When provoked, they might dive-bomb towards the player, so be ready to dodge their attacks.

The table below details the levels and locations of alpha vultures.

Level Territory Location
3 Siwa Along the path that leads into Siwa, inside the burnt village.
8 Lake Mareotis Northwest of the Temple of Sekhmet, just west of the lake.
24 Saqqara Nome Between the Tomb of Sneferu and the Temple of Djoser, in the eastern part of the territory.
27 Faiyum Near a dome-shaped rock formation, northwest of the lake in the northern part of the territory.
34 Green Mountains South of Collis Roman Hunting Camp and north of some circular stone ruins.
39 Isolated Desert Near a partial tower, east of Pissa Oros Citadel.
39 Isolated Desert At the base of some rock pillars west of Remetch Ra village.