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Type Ally
Gender Female
Age Late 30s
Ethnicity Egyptian
Birth Place Memphis
Khenut is a major character in Assassin's Creed: Origins.

Description[edit | edit source]

Khenut is a local administrator, in charge of land distribution in Faiyum. She is also married to the former Greek adventured Hotephres. Her position has granted her moderate wealth and power in the region. Despite that, she doesn't dress lavishly and does her best to help the local commoners however she can.

Khenut has a strong sense of justice and often helps her husband make the right choices in life. She is the one that convinced him to "do the right thing" when Apollodorus approached him with the request to become his local contact.

However, Khenut also believes that her position makes her invincible. This led her to underestimate Berenike when she approached Kehnut, trying to manipulate the land distribution in Faiyum.

In order to show Khenut that she is not untouchable, Berenike staged the murder of her daughter. This nearly broke Khenut, but she walked out of it stronger and determined to stop those responsible.

Notes[edit | edit source]