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44 BCE Ides of MarchRomeFall of an Empire Rise of AnotherNANA44 BCE Ides of MarchAya heads to the Theater of Pompey to complete her mission.
Ambush at SeaFaiyum OasisPompeius Magnus283000 XPExclusive for Deluxe and Gold editionsA flamboyant storyteller on the streets of Faiyum entertains Bayek with a wild account of Aya and Phoxida’s first naval mission against the Gabiniani.
AyaAlexandriaMay Amun Walk Beside You9NAEgypt's MedjayBayek travels to Alexandria to search for his wife.
Aya (continued)AlexandriaComplete End of the Snake and Gennadios the Phylakitai quests9NAEgypt's MedjayReturn to Aya after killing the Snake and Gennadios.
Aya: Blade of the GoddessHerkleion NomeWay of the Gabiniani31NAThe Battle for the NileCaesar’s arrival in Alexandria has complicated Cleopatra’s precarious journey.
Birth of the CreedRomeFall of an Empire Rise of AnotherNA9600 XPHidden Ones BureauBayek has established the first bureau of Hidden Ones in Memphis, and Amunet has done the same in Rome.
Egypt's MedjayKanopos NomeAya12900 XP
Golden Medjay Badge
The Scarab’s Sting
The Lizard’s Mask
The Crocodile’s Scales
The Hyena
Bayek seeks Apollodorus in order to meet the exiled Queen of the Nile.
End of the SnakeAlexandriaFind Aya12800 XP
Bathhouse towel outfit
Continuation of the Aya main questTo assassinate the Snake, Bayek must discover his identity.
Fall of an Empire Rise of AnotherTyrrhenian SeaLast of the Medjay35NA44 BCE Ides of MarchAya heads to Rome to finish her task.
Gennadios the PhylakitaiAlexandriaFind Aya11400 XPContinuation of the Aya main questAya must stay hidden until Gennadios is dealt with.
HomecomingSiwaStart of the gameNoneSpade of All TradesThe OasisA weathered Bayek confronts the bodyguard of a man he killed.
Last of the MedjayAlexandriaThe Final Weighing353000 XPFall of an Empire Rise of AnotherBayek returns to the den and meets Aya along with her Roman allies.
May Amun Walk Beside YouSiwaThe False Oracle5NAAyaBayek is ready to continue his pursuit of the Snake.
Pompeius MagnusSapi-Res NomeThe Scarab’s Lies12NAAmbush at SeaAya and Phoxidas sail the Aegean Sea to rendezvous with Pompey the Great in a bid to ally him with Cleopatra’s cause. A great naval battle ensues against rival forces.
The AftermathAlexandriaThe Battle of the Nile316000 XPLast of the MedjayAya and Bayek believe they’ve been betrayed by the Romans. They go to investigate Alexander’s Tomb to figure out what their enemies are planning.
The Battle for the NileAlexandriaAya: Blade of the Goddess31NAThe AftermathBayek must get Caesar to the battlefield to direct his forces and defeat the forces of King Ptolemy.
The Crocodile’s JawsFaiyum OasisThe Crocodile’s Scales28NAShadya’s Rest
Legendary Light Bow
Way of the Gabiniani
Bayek remains on the trail of the Crocodile, who is clearly using gladiators to carry out their dirty work.
The Crocodile’s ScalesFaiyumAya25NAThe Crocodile’s Jaws
The Sickness
Demons in the Desert
Fires of Dionysias
Bayek travels to Faiyum to hunt his next target, the member of the Order of the Ancients known as the Crocodile.
The False OracleSiwaComplete Main Quest: The OasisLevel 51 APMain Quest: May Amun Walk Beside YouBayek is determined to kill Medunamun, the false oracle with surprising strength who is rigorously protected.
The Final WeighingSiwaThe Aftermath321500 XPLast of the MedjayBayek and Aya journey to Siwa on the trail of Flavius and the Oracle’s Relic.
The Hyena (Quest)GizaAya202250 XPWay of the GabinianiBayek travels to Giza to meet the informant Mered to learn about one of his targets: the Hyena.
The Lizard’s FaceMemphisThe Lizard's Mask23NANABayek must help the High Priest finally rip the Order of Ancients out of Memphis.
The Lizard’s MaskMemphisAya20NAThe Lizard’s FaceBayek travels to Memphis to meet with the High Priest Pasherenptah to learn about one of his targets: the Lizard.
The OasisSiwaHomecoming11000 XPSenu
Gear Up
The False Oracle
Bayek returns to Siwa. His close friend Hepzefa helps him prepare to battle the false Oracle, Medunamun.
The Scarab’s LiesSapi-Res NomeThe Scarab’s Sting16NAPompeius MagnusBayek meets with Letopolis’s leader, Taharqa, to discuss a plan to find the Scarab once and for all.
The Scarab’s StingSapi-Res NomeEgypt's Medjay151125 XPThe Scarab’s LiesBayek travels to Sais to meet the informant Harkhuf to learn about one of his targets: the Scarab.
Way of the GabinianiHerkleion Nome31NAAya: Blade of the GoddessBayek meets with Cleopatra to confirm this hunt is complete, yet he remains determined to find the man who actually killed his son.