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See also: Camels
MountsRarityDescriptionAcquired By
BasusRareThis sacred camel is so revered that legend has it, if killed, a war would break out in its honor.Complete Medjay Quest - Striking Back
Bone CrackerRareHe loves eating bones. If you hunt a lot, you might have to be a bit careful with him.Stables
Desert's PilgrimRareThe pilgrim's steps echoed across the dunes under the watchful eye of great Amun Ra, each mile a tribute to his glorious eternity.Stables
FidgetCommonThis restless dromedary is in constant motion.Stables
GuardianCommonThis camel would do a great job guarding your stable. It's not that he doesn't like to move; it's more that he really likes to sit.Stables
InspirationRareA certain artist in Memphis considers this camel as his muse.Complete Medjay Quest - When Night Falls
KhamsinCommonHis last owner had a lively sense of humor, and it seems to have worn off on the camel, who can spit at astonishing range.Stables
MajestyRareMajesty is a quick and reliable mount. However, due to lavish treatment by his previous owners, he needs constant grooming and attention.Stables
Meri HekaLegendaryNamed after the god of magic, good fortune follows her owner as long as they treat her well. Her last owner left her out in the sun on a hot day, and here we are.Stables
Pataikos HertiLegendaryBandits attacked this camel's village, but any who approached her family home were bitten and fought off. After that they named her Pataikos, for the god of protection.Stables
Sand-DwellerLegendaryIntricate patterns sheared into this camel's fur tell the history of the gods in pictorial form.E-Store
WandererCommonThe Wanderer is said to have walked the length and breadth of Egypt. No corner of the civilized world was too far away to visit.Stables


See also: Horses
MountsRarityDescriptionAcquired By
Aa NekhtouLegendaryNamed for her great strength, this horse is a veteran of many battles. Her unblemished coat is a testament to her martial skill.Stables
AnnapolisCommon“Ah yes, the Greek mare. Good condition. Well bred. You have the air of a fine horseman. You would like her, yes?”Stables
Black ArrowRareSteady, fast, and responsive to the lightest touch, this horse is an arrow in animal form.Complete Medjay Quest - Go for Green
Blazing GloryRareA fiery steed, her temper is well known throughout Egypt. No rider can remain astride her for long, but you seem capable. Care to try her paces?Stables
Egyptian MareCommonAn unremarkable horse. Loyal, though.Stables
Eternal GloryCommonMany legendary warriors have ridden this mare in battle. She is unmatched by other horses in experience and in age.Stables
KaaRareOriginating from the ancient kingdom of Nubia, this stallion has a calm temperament, making him a solid ally in the face of danger.Stables
KkuCommonFound covered in soot among the ruins of a burnt village. Washing him caused no change in the color of his coat.Stables
MenesCommonHe who endures. Snatches you from the fire when things get dangerous.Stables
Meri AmunLegendaryHis name translates to “Beloved of Amun.” Some believe this stallion was gifted with exceptional endurance and stamina by the god himself.Stables
Morning MistRareThis stallion comes from the mountains. They say that on the morning he was born, a white mist descended from nowhere to enshroud his stable. I don't believe a word of it.Complete Medjay Quest - Horse Whispering
Pharaoh's HorseLegendaryHorse of kings and king among horses, this beast is considered one of the finest in all of Egypt.Win all four tournaments at the Hippodrome
Roman WarhorseLegendaryTall Andalusian horse with great stamina.Win all four elite tournaments at the Hippodrome
RustyCommonFound abandoned in a rickety cage on the bank of the Nile. He might have been imprisoned there for too long, as his legs are prone to cramping.Stables
Soft BreezeCommonMostly used for desert travel, she's a solid mount, albeit lacking in combat experience.Stables
StrangerCommonHe wandered into town a few weeks back. No one knows where he came from.Stables
The False CamelCommonA hardy and powerful mount, known for long journeys through the desert.Stables
ThunderCommonWhen Thunder gallops, people scatter. Her hoofbeats evoke the din of an entire herd.Stables
True FriendRareAfter his owner sickened and fell limp from the saddle, this stallion stood by for two days until a passing farmer stopped to help.Stables
UnicornLegendaryUnicorns are said to originate from faraway lands, though we've never been able to determine which. What we do know is that they are fabulous.E-Store


See also: Chariots
MountsRarityDescriptionAcquired By
Royal ChariotLegendaryRoyal chariots are reserved for the greatest of the elite. Reinforced with shields, they offer sturdy protection to their riders, and their intimidating presence saps enemy morale.Stables
Scout ChariotCommonLight and versatile, this vehicle is used for scouting missions and for chasing down fleet-footed enemies. Though its price is fair, it is nevertheless too expensive for all but noblemen and the richest of merchants.Stables
War ChariotRareThe durable war chariot is the most common in Egypt. Quivers attached to its sides hold extra ammo.Stables