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Killing Phylakes is a side Activity in Assasin's Creed: Origins.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Phylakes are bounty hunters that will start spawning once the player assassinates the Snake and Gennadios. They will vary between levels 20 and 40, and their ultimate goal is to hunt down Bayek.

Each Phylake has their own territory they patrol. Their routes are usually long and span across their entire territory. Each of them can be classified as one of the base guard types - solider, archer, brute, or predator.

While hunting Phylakes, players must be mindful of nearby groups of enemies. Otherwise, they might join the fray and make the fight much harder. Additionally, while players are infiltrating strongholds, they must keep in mind that a nearby Phylake could react to a lit brazier alarm and join the fight.

Phylakes' Prey[edit | edit source]

Upon killing the first Phylake, players will receive a letter that explains why bounty hunters are trying to get them. This will start a new quest that will turn Bayek into the hunter instead of the prey.

The recommended level for this quest's completion is 40.

Once the quest is started, players will have to eliminate Phylakes until they locate the four key carriers and retrieve their keys. Refer to the table below to find out which Phylakes carry them.

With the four keys in the player's inventory, they will have to head to Yw Nuts in Herakleion Nome. Once there, use Senu to find a woman called Abar. Talking to her will progress the quest. Now, players will have to eliminate the crocodiles east of the village, after which she will hand over the final key.

The crocodiles that need to be exterminated will be marked. They will be level 40, so try to take them one at a time. Once they are all down, players will have to head back to the village.

Speak to Abar again and she will give up the final key and her treasure's location. Proceed to the marked area and use Senu to locate the treasure. Then, dive down to it and interact with it to receive a Black Hood Legendary Outfit.

This will conclude the quest, but if there are other Phylakes left alive, they will continue hunting the player.

List of Phylakes[edit | edit source]

Phylake Level Key Carrier Territory Loot Gear
The Outsider 20 No Alexandria, West of Alexandria Golden Wolf Sword, Small Shield, Bow
Ptolemy's Fist 22 No Sap-Meh Nome Copper Mace Horse, Heavy Blunt, Bow
The Iron Ram 25 No Ineb-Hedjet Nome Smoke and Mirrors Chariot, Sickle Sword, Bow, Smoke Screen
The Stranger 28 Yes Memphis Sarissa Sword, Medium Shield, Bow
Ra's Mercy 30 No Faiyum Strom Blades Spear, Small Shield, Bow
The Hill 32 Yes Faiyum Oasis Headsplitter Heavy Blunt, Bow
Bane of Hathor 35 No Atef-Pehu Nome Deathstorm Horse, Bow
Half Horn 38 Yes Im-Khent Nome Composite Bow Chariot, Bow
The Iron Bull 40 No Giza, Isolated Desert Djoser's Pride Camel, Long Sword, Bow, Firebombs
The Galatian 40 Yes Isolated Desert The Fourth Plague Chariot, Sword, Big Shield, Spears, Firebombs

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Each Phylake kill will reward players with 300 XP and a piece of Legendary gear. Additionally, some Phylakes will drop between 60 and 100 Drahmas.