Pothinus - The Scorpion

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Pothinus - The Scorpion
Type Enemy
Gender Male
Age 40s
Ethnicity Greek
Birth Place Pelusium
Pothinus - The Scorpion is a Major Enemy.

Description[edit | edit source]

Pothinus is Ptolemy XIII's advisor. He has also been close to his father, Ptolemy XII.

He is the head of the Order of Ancients in Alexandria. Ever since Ptolemy XIII was a boy, he has been working hard to manipulate the young prince into doing what's best for the Order of Ancients. However, Cleopatra has been suspicious of Pothinus the entire time and she made sure that he was sidelined the moment she took the throne.

Now, Pothinus is looking to put Ptolemy XIII on the throne, making sure that he can manipulate the local populace through their king. This would further increase the Order of Ancients's influence in Egypt and allow them nearly complete freedom.

Notes[edit | edit source]