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Destroying Ptolemy Statues is a side Activity in Assassin's Creed: Origins

Overview[edit | edit source]

There are 19 Ptolemy Statues in total. They represent a man, holding another man's head and were erected to instill fear into the populace.

Destroying each statue will award the player with 150, 300, or 450 XP, depending on the statue. Hitting a statue will make nearby guards attack you, so try to complete this activity while no guards are around or prepare to fight them as well.

Locations of Ptolemy Statues[edit | edit source]

The table below lists all 19 statues and their location in the world.

Territory Details
Siwa This statue stands at the three-way intersection near the middle of Siwa and north of the territory's Nomad's Bazaar.
Kanopos Nome Just north of the Hippodrome in the territory, there is an indoor bazaar, with the statue standing outside it.
Lake Mareotis This statue stands northwest of Lake Mareotis and west of Alexandria, at a fork in the road.
Kanopos Nome From Apollodorus' Estate, take the path south and take a left at the fork. The statue will be a bit further south.
Sapi-Res Nome The main path south of Sais leads to a major intersection east of a Viewpoint, with a statue standing just off the road.
Ineb-Hedjet Nome South of Kerkasoros, lie the ruins of Castoff Temple of Hapi, where a statue can be found between the main road and the POI.
Mefkat There is a burned-down village in southwestern Mefkat, with a statue standing on its western end.
Ineb-Hedjet Nome Following the road just northeast of Per Ousir, players will come across a statue on the road's eastern side.
Ineb-Hedjet Nome A statue can be found at a fork in the road in northern Ineb-Hedjet Nome, next to the Hugros Crossing Watchtower.
Faiyum A statue can be found next to the road in front of Philoteris, which lies west of Euhemeria in southern Faiyum.
Ineb-Hedjet Nome There is a statue in Kerkasoros, at a worksite between the main road and the waterway.
Faiyum Oasis Players can find a statue directly southwest of a Greek piazza, in northwestern Faiyum Oasis.
Faiyum Oasis A Greek piazza, currently in construction, can be found north of Krokodilopolis. The statue stands at the nearby fork in the road, just south of the construction.
Libue Follow the main path north from Siwa. When you reach an intersection, the statue will be on its south side.
Im-Khent Nome A statue stands just off the main path southwest of Udjat Apiary, next to a Viewpoint.
Isolated Desert This statue is right next to the Ouahe POI, which can be reached by taking the road west along Giza's southern border.
Herakleion Nome In Herakleion village, find the Temple of Khonsou, with a statue right in front of it.
Isolated Desert Find the stronghold of Pissa Oros Citadel, then take a short 250-meter walk east to find a statue.
Atef-Pehu Nome Take the road south from Memphis and enter Atef-Pehu Nome. You should see a statue just north of the road.