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ResourcesRarityBuySellDescriptionAcquired By
Carbon CrystalLegendaryN/AN/AMainly found in military camps, these crystals resemble precious gems and thus are often found in jewelry boxes. A limited supply is available for purchase from Nomad's Bazaar. Used in highest levels of equipment upgrades.Small Treasure Box
CedarwoodCommon504Use your eagle to spot military convoys carrying dried wood. It is a common but useful resource.Military Convoy
Hard LeatherCommon756Some hippopotamus or crocodile died to offer you the protective skin off its back.Loot Hippopotamus
Loot Crocodile
IronRare907A rare material. If you need large quantities, use your eagle to track them down.Military Convoy
PeltRare907Nothing compares to lion or leopard fur when a cold night approaches!Loot Lion
Loot Leopard
SilicaLegendaryN/AN/AA unique glass fragment found in tombs and used as a decorative ornament. This strange substance has an eerie feeling. The number of Silica available is limited to 80, with most found inside the tombs. A few are scattered throughout deserts. Once the maximum number has been found, you can no longer collect more.Tombs
Soft LeatherCommon504A supple material suitable for light armor. Harvested from animals with thin and delicate skin, such as the gazelle.Loot gazelle