Sapi-Res Nome

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Sapi-Res Nome
File:Sapi-Res Nome.png
Enemy Level 15 - 18
Village Sais, Letopolis
Fort Nikiou Fort
Small Military Camp Pyrrhos, Psenemphaia Hideout, Camp Shemu, Nikiou Post, Camp Achlys
Main Quests 3
Side Quests 11
Informant Table 1
Papyrus Puzzle 1
Ptolemy Statue 2
Treasure 3
Sapi-Res Nome is a Location.

Main Quests[edit | edit source]

Number Quest Level Notes
9 The Scarab's Sting 15
10 The Scarab's Lies 18
11 Pompeius Magnus 12 in the Aegean Sea

Side Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Level Notes
Conflicts of Interest 15 after collecting from Informant Table
Smoke Over Water 15 after collecting from Informant Table
All Eyes on Us 16 after collecting from Informant Table
Lost Happiness 16 after collecting from Informant Table
Abuse of Power 17
The Tax Master 17
The Ostrich 17
Taste of Her Sting Part IV Sapi-Res Ruins 17
New Kid in Town 18
Workers' Lament 18
The Old Library 18 discovered during Workers' Lament

Informant Table[edit | edit source]

Location Notes
Informant Table complete Main Quest: The Scarab's Sting to access Conflicts of Interest, Smoke Over Water, All Eyes on Us, Lost Happiness

Papyrus Puzzle[edit | edit source]

Location Notes
Temple of Horus

Ptolemy Statue[edit | edit source]

Location Notes
South of Sais

Treasure[edit | edit source]

Location Notes
Sap-Meh Warehouse
Sapi-Res Ruins

Notes[edit | edit source]