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Senu is Bayek's pet eagle. She is best used to scout locations before entering them with Bayek.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Senu is Bayek's incredibly useful pet eagle. She can be used to scout locations that the player is about to enter. She can also pinpoint the exact location of various points of interest, including enemies.

In order to send Senu up in the air, press up on the D-Pad. Then, you can use the Heavy Attack button to increase flight speed or hold the Aim button to enter Hover Mode. The latter allows Senu to mark various points of interest and enemies.

Pinpointing a location, enemy, objective, or a general point of interest is done by pointing the reticle at it. This will make the circle that marks it shrink until the object is pinpointed.

Players cannot use Senu in combat, so it is best to scout every location before entering it.

Senu can also give you the distance to a given point of interest that appears on the player's HUD. While in Hover Mode, simply point the reticle towards the POI and the distance in meters will be shown. Pressing the Parkour Interaction button will also add a waypoint to where the reticle is pointing.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is no range limit to how far away from Bayek Senu can fly. This means that you can scout a location on the other end of the map if you wish, but you will have to fly Senu all the way there manually.