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Siwa Quests

See also: Siwa
Bayek’s PromiseSiwaThe Oasis5150 XP
Family ReunionSiwaThe Oasis2750 XP
Gear UpSiwaThe Oasis2Spade of All Trades
HideawaySiwaThe Oasis3500 XP
Prisoners in the TempleSiwaThe Oasis5500 XP
Striking the AnvilSiwaDiscover Siwa3500 XP
The HealerSiwaThe Oasis3750 XP and a Trinket
Water RatsSiwaThe Oasis3750 XP

Lake Mareotis Quests

See also: Lake Mareotis
Ambush in the TempleLake MareotisApproach the Temple of Sekhmet6600 XP
BirthrightLake MareotisLady of Slaughter9400 XP
Hidden TaxLake MareotisDiscover Lake Mareotis6400 XP
Lady of SlaughterLake MareotisUlterior Votive8600 XP
Taste of her StingLake MareotisDiscover Lake Mareotis173000 XP
The Book of the DeadLake MareotisDiscover Lake Mareotis8400 XP
Ulterior VotiveLake MareotisAmbush in the Temple7400 XP and Sekhmet Costume

Alexandria Quests

See also: Alexandria
A Tithe by Any Other NameAlexandriaSerapis Unites10800 XP
Higher EducationAlexandriaThe Accidental Philosopher and The Last Bodyguard10500 XP
A miscellaneous item and 75 Gold)
Phylakitai in the EyeAlexandriaSymposiasts221500 XP and Basus Mount
Serapis UnitesAlexandriaDiscover Alexandria10800 XP
SymposiastsAlexandriaWrath of the Poets211500 XP
The Accidental PhilosopherAlexandriaDiscover Alexandria20500 XP
A miscellaneous item and 75 Gold)
The Last BodyguardAlexandriaDiscover Alexandria15500 XP
A miscellaneous item and 75 Gold)
The OdysseyAlexandriaA Tithe by Any Other Name and The Shifty Scribe10800 XP
The Shifty ScribeAlexandriaEnd of the Snake11750 XP
Wrath of the PoetsAlexandriaMay Amun Walk Beside You111500 XP

Kanopos Nome Quests

See also: Kanopos Nome
Blue HooligansKanopos NomeDiscover Kanopos Nome121000 XP
Old TimesKanopos NomeDiscover Kanopos Nome121000 XP
Taste of her Sting: Crocodile LairKanopos NomeDiscover Kanopos Nome173000 XP
Taste of her Sting: Shrine of SerapisKanopos NomeDiscover Kanopos Nome173000 XP
The Hungry RiverKanopos NomeDiscover Kanopos Nome141500 XP
The WeaselKanopos NomeDiscover Kanopos Nome141000 XP
Wild RideKanopos NomeOld Times121000 XP and a the Black Arrow mount

Sap-Meh Nome Quests

See also: Sap-Meh Nome
Fair TradeSap-Meh NomeDiscover Sap-Meh Nome131000 XP and Spear of Serapis
In ProtestSap-Meh NomeDiscover Sap-Meh Nome131000 XP
Thick SkinSap-Meh NomeDiscover Sap-Meh Nome131000 XP and drachmas

Sapi-Res Nome Quests

See also: Sapi-Res Nome
Abuse of PowerSapi-Res NomeThe Scarab’s Sting161000 XP
All Eyes on UsSapi-Res NomeThe Scarab’s Sting161000 XP
Conflicts of InterestSapi-Res NomeThe Scarab’s Sting151000 XP and shield/weapon
Lost HappinessSapi-Res NomeThe Scarab’s Sting161000 XP
Smoke over WaterSapi-Res NomeThe Scarab’s Sting151500 XP
Taste of her Sting: Sapi-Res RuinsSapi-Res NomeDiscover Sapi-Res Nome173000 XP
The New Kid in TownSapi-Res NomeDiscover Sapi-Res Nome181500 XP
The Old LibrarySapi-Res NomeWorkers’ Lament181500 XP and The Sword of Ptah
The OstrichSapi-Res NomeDiscover Sapi-Res Nome171500 XP
The Tax MasterSapi-Res NomeComplete Harkhuf’s Four Informant Table Quests171000 XP
Worker’s LamentSapi-Res NomeDiscover Sapi-Res Nome181500 XP

Ka-Khem Nome Quests

See also: Ka-Khem Nome
Taste of Her Sting: Ka-Khem Nome Old TempleKa-Khem NomeFour Temple Investigations173000 XP

Giza Quests

See also: Giza
Precious BondsGizaDiscover Giza182000 XP
What’s Yours is MineGizaDiscover Giza193500 XP

Memphis Quests

See also: Memphis
A Dream of AshesMemphisUnlocks during Main Quest: The Lizard’s Mask213300 XP
Blood in the WaterMemphisVisit the Temple of Ptah’s Informant Table201500 XP
Children of the StreetsMemphisDiscover Memphis232500 XP
Mortem RomanumMemphisChildren of the Streets303000 XP
Odor Most FoulMemphisVisit the Temple of Ptah’s Informant Table201500 XP
Taimhotep’s SongMemphisComplete the The Lizard’s Mask quest objective Speak to Pasherenptah about Taimhotep222000 XP
The Baker’s DilemmaMemphisDiscover Memphis231000 XP

Saqqara Nome Quests

See also: Saqqara Nome
A Rebel AllianceSaqqara NomeDiscover Saqqara Nome243000 XP
First BloodSaqqara NomeDiscover Saqqara Nome181500 XP
Rites of AnubisSaqqara NomeDiscover Saqqara Nome232250 XP
Secrets of the First PyramidsSaqqara NomeDiscover Saqqara Nome (Deluxe and Gold editions)234000 XP
When Night FallsSaqqara NomeRites of Anubis233000 XP and Inspiration mount

Faiyum Quests

See also: Faiyum
Curse of the WadjetFaiyumDiscover Faiyum253750 XP
Demons in the DesertFaiyumMeet Hotephres during Main Quest: The Crocodile’s Scales392500 XP
Feeding FaiyumFaiyumMurder in the Temple243125 XP
Fires of DionysiasFaiyumMeet Hotephres during Main Quest: The Crocodile’s Scales374500 XP and rare shield
Forging SiwaFaiyumDiscover Faiyum252500 XP and Legendary Siwan Kopesh
Murder in the TempleFaiyumDiscover Faiyum241000 XP
Rebel StrikeFaiyumA Rebel Alliance251000 XP
Sobek’s GoldFaiyumDiscover Faiyum273000 XP
The BrideFaiyumApproach the young woman near the cliffs in Soknopaiou Nesos262250 XP
The SicknessFaiyumDiscover Faiyum263000 XP

Faiyum Oasis Quests

See also: Faiyum Oasis
Bad FaithFaiyum OasisThe Jaws of Sobek1500 XP and Legendary Scepter
Fighting for FaiyumFaiyum OasisShadya’s Rest4500 XP
Shadya’s RestFaiyum OasisThe Jaws of Sobek1500 XP
Sobek's TearsFaiyum OasisDiscover Faiyum Oasis293000 XP
The ChampionFaiyum OasisDiscover Faiyum Oasis283000 XP and Shield of Hilarus
The Jaws of SobekFaiyum OasisDiscover Faiyum Oasis283750 XP
The Man BeastFaiyum OasisDiscover Faiyum Oasis283000 XP

Herakleion Nome Quests

See also: Herakleion Nome
Loose CargoHerakleion NomeDiscover Herakleion Nome1500 XP
Predator to PreyHerakleion NomeReunion2250 XP
Rare Hunter Bow
Recon WorkHerakleion NomeDiscover Herakleion Nome1500 XP
ReunionHerakleion NomeDiscover Herakleion Nome1800 XP

Uab Nome Quests

See also: Uab Nome
Seven Farmers (Quest)Uab NomeDiscover Uab Nome3750 XP
Rare Predator Bow

Atef-Pehu Nome Quests

See also: Atef-Pehu Nome
The MatriarchAtef-Pehu NomeDiscover Atef-Pehu Nome3750 XP

Green Mountains Quests

See also: Green Mountains
Carpe DiemGreen MountainsDiscover Green Mountains352250 XP
One Bad AppleGreen MountainsThe Final Weighing353000 XP
Legendary Spear
Playing with FireGreen MountainsThe Final Weighing332250 XP
Shadows of ApolloGreen MountainsDiscover Green Mountains383000 XP
Taking LibertyGreen MountainsDiscover Green Mountains331500 XP
The Good RomanGreen MountainsDiscover Green Mountains333750 XP
Unseeing EyesGreen MountainsDiscover Green Mountains353000 XP

Kyrenaika Quests

See also: Kyrenaika
Absolute PowerKyrenaikaDiscover Kyrenaika361 AP
Are you Not Entertained?KyrenaikaDiscover Kyrenaika373
000 XP
Rare Regular Sword
Cat and MouseKyrenaikaThe Mousetrap363
000 XP
Dead in the WaterKyrenaikaDiscover Kyrenaika382
250 XP
Founding FatherKyrenaikaDiscover Kyrenaika353
000 XP
My Brother for a HorseKyrenaikaDiscover Kyrenaika383
000 XP
Rare Mount
Pax RomanaKyrenaikaThe Final Weighing, The Good Roman355
250 XP
Rare Hunter Bow
The Flea of CyreneKyrenaikaDiscover Kyrenaika342
250 XP
The Lure of GloryKyrenaikaDiscover Kyrenaika351
500 XP
The MousetrapKyrenaikaDiscover Kyrenaika353
000 XP
The Smugglers of CyreneKyrenaikaCat and Mouse373
000 XP
Rare Heavy Blade

Marmarica Quests

See also: Marmarica
His Secret ServiceMarmaricaLeave Siwa382
250 XP

Isolated Desert Quests

See also: Isolated Desert
Plight of the RebelsIsolated DesertLeave Siwa407
500 XP