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Stone Circles are a side Activity in Assassin's Creed: Origins.

Overview[edit | edit source]

In order to unlock the Stone Circles players must first complete the Main Quest The False Oracle.

Once that is done, upon finding one of the Stone Circles, players will begin the quest Bayek's Promise. The objective of the quest is to find all 12 Stone Circles and align them with their corresponding constellations in the sky. This will lead players back to the Amun Stone Circle, where the quest will conclude.

Players will receive between 150 and 450 XP for each completed Stone Circle.

The Plantearium[edit | edit source]

Before proceeding to this area, make sure you have gathered 50 Silica. Otherwise, you will not be able to complete all possible challenges once you get there.

When all twelve Stone Circles are complete, players need to return to the Amun circle and go to the objective marker behind the tree there. Place the final rock, then make your way to the Great Sphinx in Giza.

With the False Oracle Main Quest complete, you should be able to enter the Sphinx. There is a secret entrance at the rear that will allow access inside. Drop down, then keep following the path to what will look like a dead end. However, there is another secret entrance - this time in the far corner.

Once you crawl through the opening, hop over the hole ahead and collect the two treasures in the next room. Then, drop down into the hole. Keep going down until you reach the large doorway leading into The Planetarium. If all 12 Stone Circles were completed, there should be 12 lights shining from the ceiling, onto a diorama.

With all 12 lights active, interact with the diorama to raise it and reveal another secret passage. This leads to the Esfet Oon-m'Aa Poo Ancient Mechanism.

Once there, look for the pieces of Silica: one should be to the right of the entrance, two on the left of it, and one more on the northern end of the room. The exit pad is just behind the mechanism in the center of the room, which can be activated by using 50 Silica.

Stone Circle Locations[edit | edit source]

Amun[edit | edit source]

  • Territory: Siwa
  • Reward: 150 XP
  • Description: “Amun, the king of gods, divided in two forms as the great goddess of invisibility Amunet, and master of the wind. He upholds justice. Lord of the shadows and the silence, he comes at the voice of the poor. He hears the confessions of the humble, and forgives them.”

This Stone Circle is relatively straightforward to complete. It consists of four stars and the constellation can be found just left of Pisces. The Stone Circle itself can be found just south of the village of Siwa.

Apis[edit | edit source]

  • Territory: Isolated Desert
  • Reward: 450 XP
  • Description: “Apis, the bull god. He is the strength of the Pharaoh. Each year he is born as a calf with special markings. The Pharaoh finds this calf, and worships it.”

This Stone Circle sits high on a cliff that can be found in Isolated Desert's southeastern end, near the borders with Faiyum and Saqqara Nome.

Turn the constellation, so the forked side points to the left. Then find the same shape in the sky left of Amun and align the lower portion of the fork with the lone red star to complete this Stone Circle.

Divine Lion[edit | edit source]

  • Territory: Iment Nome
  • Reward: 300 XP
  • Description: “The Divine Lion, the powerful one. Her breath formed the desert. The fiercest of hunters, she leads the armies of the Pharaoh into battle.”

This Stone Circle can be found west of the Temple of Sekhmet, in northeast Iment Nome.

The two thin, protruding lines of this constellation form the lioness's legs. Align the constellation so her head points up and to the right, then look for the same formation of stars a bit above Apis.

Goat Fish[edit | edit source]

  • Territory: Isolated Desert
  • Reward: 450 XP
  • Description: “The Goat-Fish, called Capricornus by the Greeks. The god has the head of a ram and body of a fish. You see, even the gods do not always make sense.”

This Stone Circle sits atop a plateau in the far western portion of the territory. It is just beyond the Tomb of Nomads and, in order to find it, players must take the steps up towards an abandoned base in the mountain, then turn east. Alternatively, they can simply climb the cliff to reach its top.

In order to locate the Goat Fish constellation in the sky, look to the left from the initial position. Rotating the stars you control will be almost unnecessary, so leave them in their default position to locate easily their counterpart in the sky.

The Great Twins[edit | edit source]

  • Territory: White Desert Oasis
  • Reward: 450 XP
  • Description: “Ahhhh, the Great Twins. To the Greeks they are twin brothers. To Egyptians they are he-goats that rise from the underworld, bringing pestilence and protection. Even the gods have two sides.”

This Stone Circle can be found in the northern lake. It is near the western shore, among some rocks.

The shape of this constellation is very distinguishable. It is best to use the twins' feet as your guide, then look up and to the right, past Osiris for the same shape of stars.

Hathor[edit | edit source]

  • Territory: Ka-Khem Nome
  • Reward: 300 XP
  • Description: “Hathor, goddess of motherhood and joy. She is loved by all in Egypt, from the least to the greatest. Mistress of the West, she welcomes the dead to the afterlife.”

Look for this Stone Circle on the biggest island of Ka-Khem Nome, around the middle of its eastern coast.

Point the head of Hathor up and to the right, then look for the same shape just above the Divine Lion constellation. Due to its obviously-human shape, the constellation should be easy to locate.

Horus[edit | edit source]

  • Territory: Uab Nome
  • Reward: 450 XP
  • Description: “That is Horus, the Falcon. The Great Black One. God of the sky. The sun is his right eye and the moon is his left eye. Forever he flies across the heavens, making night and day.”

This Stone Circle is most easily found by fast traveling to Uab Nome. From there, take the narrow path south to the Stone Circle, which sits on one of the cliffs above.

This constellation consists of some roughly-triangle shaped stars with two lines protruding from them: one nearly straight; and one reaching out, then angling back. Point the straight one to the upper right corner of the screen. Then, look for the same constellation in the sky.

Osiris[edit | edit source]

  • Territory: Qattara Depression
  • Reward: 450 XP
  • Description: “Osiris was cut into 14 pieces by his jealous brother, who scattered the pieces throughout the land. Osiris’ wife Iset searched and found all the pieces except one… It was eaten by a fish. It was his, ah… So Osiris was resurrected and became lord of the underworld.”

Players will find the Osiris Stone Circle just west of a path, which lies east of the western mountains in the Qattara Depression.

Turn the human-shaped constellation upright, then look for the same shape in the sky, just left of Apis.

Pisces[edit | edit source]

  • Territory: Faiyum
  • Reward: 300 XP
  • Description: “Pisces, the two fish. Joined by the thread of this life, they are forever balanced between the afterlife and the underworld.”

This Stone Circle can be found in the swamps in eastern Faiyum, east of Philadelphia.

This constellation has a very distinctive shape, so it is easy to find. It is located just to the right of Amun.

The Scales[edit | edit source]

  • Territory: Uab Nome
  • Reward: 450 XP
  • Description: “Those are the Scales, called Chonsu. When we die, the goddess Ma’at weighs our hearts on them against her white feather. If our hearts are pure and light, we walk in the Field of Reeds.”

This Stone Circle can be found in northeast Uab Nome. It is located at the southern end of a very short branch of the Nile.

The scales should be upright in the sky, so turn them around until the top triangle points up. Then, look for the same shape up and to the left of Osiris.

Serqet[edit | edit source]

  • Territory: Iment Nome
  • Reward: 150 XP
  • Description: “The scorpion goddess, Serqet. She protected Iset and Horus from jealous Set. She still protects against poisonous animals. But not love. Against that there is no protection, not even the gods can.”

This Stone Circle lies in Iment Nome's narrow northwestern part, west of Lake Mareotis.

One end of this constellation features a small triangle, while the other - a fork. Turn the fork so the fork is on the right side and look for the same group of stars right below The Scales.

Taweret[edit | edit source]

  • Territory: Faiyum
  • Reward: 450 XP
  • Description: “Oh, Taweret, the hippopotamus who walks. Lady of the Birth House, she is the goddess of fertility and childbirth. Mistress of the Horizon, she brings with her the yearly flood of Ar.”

There is a small path that leads through the rock on the northern shore of the lake in Faiyum. Follow the path to reach this Stone Circle.

How five jagget lines form a hippo is beyond us, but the same shape can be found in the sky, just left of Horus.