The False Oracle

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The False Oracle
Type Main Quests
Location Siwa
Prerequisite Complete Main Quest: The Oasis
Level Level 5
Reward 1 AP
Unlock Main Quest: May Amun Walk Beside You
Description Bayek is determined to kill Medunamun, the false oracle with surprising strength who is rigorously protected.
The False Oracle is a Main Quest.

Find and Kill Medunamun[edit | edit source]

Temple of Amun[edit | edit source]

As the freshly appointed oracle of the Siwa province, Medunamun is seen walking the village harassing the population. In response, Bayek readies himself to fight, locates the priest at the temple of Amun and prepares to murder him.

Accompanied by two level 5 soldiers, Medunamun circles around the temple ground as well as the village itself. Use Senu to track him down and locate him on the roof of his home, he will then descend to the east yard, stopping there, giving you ample opportunity to mount a camel or other mode of transport and reach the temple via its western door.

Note the level of Medunamun and his henchmen. It is best to avoid an assassination attempt during the Family Reunion side quest as your own level isn't sufficiently high to do so. Instead of taking them down via stealth mode, you will invariably see them with white health gauges indicating that a one hit takedown is impossible, leading to a lengthy fight. When you have attained a sufficiently elevated level (5 or above), a one shot arrow kill is a viable takedown option.

Murder the soldier at the western entrance and aim for the roof of the building located immediately to your left, reach the adjacent structure and resupply with arrows should you need to. Notice a tight rope, walk along it to reach the temple. Enter stealth mode and patiently wait on the Southwest facing edge until the soldier and Medunamun reach the temple. Arrows are your best bet to eliminate the guards. Then target the priest and engage with a stealth jump attack.

Should you fail to assassinate him at the temple door, a new opportunity presents itself once he is inside. Reach the skylight and initiate your attack from this position. If you wish to, you can aim to take him down via a number of elevated areas scattered along his path to the temple. His route takes in the weaver’s shop as well as Hepzefa’s house, then he heads towards the temple. Occasionally he may simply enter the temple tunnel, turn around and retrace his steps through the village. An option to speed up his return is to initiate dawn and dusk. Arrows are your best bet to eliminate the guards, then aim for a stealth strike on him.

Once dead, investigate his body and interact to confirm the kill. His death triggers a cut scene detailing a conversation between Medunamun and yourself. He laments his death and talks of the death of Bayek’s son, leading to a flashback detailing the circumstances of the boy’s death.

Siwa Oasis[edit | edit source]

One Year Ago[edit | edit source]

As Bayek trains with his son, Chenzira entices Khemu to visit a cave inhabited by hyenas. Lacking the courage of Chenzira, Khemu refuses to go, prompting Bayek to organize a true hunt for the pair.

Bring Khemu to the Ibex Pack[edit | edit source]

Reach the hunting grounds by heading north. Chenzira will opt to stay home and leave your party on the way. Once there, use Senu to locate your pray, the ibex. Enter stealth mode, slowly getting closer to the ibex and aim an arrow through its heart. Avoid causing the ibex to flee, as this will require you to chase it once again.

Find and Get the Ibex Pack Leader’s Pelt[edit | edit source]

A downed ibex will grant you the ibex pack leader’s pelt. Loot an ibex cadaver to obtain it.

Reach the Temple of Amun with Khemu[edit | edit source]

Accompanied by Khemu, follow the marker to the temple. Bayek will opt for a detour as he wishes to test his son's courage and resolve, as his father once did with him.

Bring Khemu to Halma Point[edit | edit source]

Bayek plans to share his knowledge and his expertise with his son in order to help him overcome his fear. Ascend the hillside and reach the cliff overlooking the lake. Bayek prompts his son to jump. Khemu hesitates and Bayek allows him to back away, reluctantly acknowledging that he may not yet be in a position to complete the task at hand. In the distance, Chenzira is heard screaming. Hayek orders Khemu home. As you are once again in control of your character, head through the cave entrance and fight the soldiers who have captured Chenzira. The soldiers are a higher level than Bayek so you will invariably be defeated and rendered unconscious.

Follow the Masked Man[edit | edit source]

Next, you are prompted to reach the vault of the temple by tracing the steps taken by the masked man. Once there, you find your son. Due to your position as a Medjay, the guards presume you are equipped with the knowledge required to access the vault thanks to an orb, previously sported by Medunanum. Using threat to your son’s life, they attempt to obtain information from you. Khemu is killed and the assassins' names added to your growing list of targets.

You are knocked out and return to the white animus room with Medunamun still present. Bayek opts to cave in his skull with the use of aforementioned orb.

You return to the present and advise Hepzefa that a trip to Alexandria to find your wife Aya is necessary.