The Mousetrap

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The Mousetrap
Type Side Quests
Location Kyrenaika
Prerequisite Discover Kyrenaika
Level 35
Reward 3,000 XP, Misc.
Unlock Cat and Mouse
The Mousetrap is a Side Quest.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Find Mouse in the Cyrene town square and speak to him to begin this quest.

He will tell you that he has various items for sale in his shop and will ask you to follow him there. Do so, but be prepared for a fight. As soon as you reach the shop, a handful of Roman soldiers will attack you.

Once you deal with the soldiers, speak to Mouse once more. He will tell you that he believes the soldiers stole his items and will ask you to retrieve them for him.

To do so, locate the Cyrene Barracks Military Stronghold. Then, move to the street west of the stronghold and climb to the roof of the westernmost building in the Barracks. Use Senu to scout the stronghold and make an action plan.

Ideally, you want to tamper with the brazier, so reinforcements cannot be called. Then, proceed to clear the western portion of the Barracks first, before moving to the east. Be on the lookout for soldiers on the outer walls.

In order to complete the stronghold, you need to accomplish the following:

  • Kill one Captain;
  • Kill one Commander;
  • Loot two treasures;

You will find Mouse's items in the central building, where the commander and one of the treasures are. However, before you take the stash, make sure you clear a path out of the stronghold. While you are carrying Mouse's stash, you will be unable to climb, so you will be quite limited in terms of escape routes.

Once you are safely out of the stronghold with Mouse's chest, you can find the trader building about 100 meters down the street from the Barracks' main entrance. Go to that building and reach the second floor, then place the items you are holding on the marker.

Talk to Mouse once more to complete the quest and receive your reward.