The Oasis

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The Oasis
Type Main Quests
Location Siwa
Prerequisite Homecoming
Level 1
Reward 1000 XP
Unlock Senu, Gear Up, The False Oracle
Description Bayek returns to Siwa. His close friend Hepzefa helps him prepare to battle the false Oracle, Medunamun.
The Oasis is a Main Quest.

Follow Hepzefa[edit | edit source]

Once out of the temple, call a camel by holding down the Call Mount button. Ride the camel and Hepzefa will lead you to Siwa. He will describe the growing woes of the province, noting the presence of soldier encampments intent on persecuting the population.

Vulture Lair[edit | edit source]

You will initially come across a small commune in a state of ruinous disrepair, which further along the story returns as a Vulture Lair challenge. Pulse the surrounding area to uncover loot, including weapon chests found inside the various fallen buildings. Hepzefa next leads to the crest of dune, at this point the game introduces Siwa with a title to that effect, triggering an XP boost of 25 points, granted whenever a new zone is discovered. Follow him into Siwa.

Siwa[edit | edit source]

Follow Hepzefa as he traverse the town to reach his house then enter. At this point, simply avoiding confrontation with the guards scattered around is the rule of thumb. Hepzefa urges you to rest, however you advise him otherwise, and Rabiah appears, distraught due to the activities of guards in the vicinity of the town. Rabiah helps tend to your lesions and bruises, a service always rendered to Aya and yourself. Unlike Hepzefa, she persuades you to finally rest.

Practice Using the Bow[edit | edit source]

Bow Lesson[edit | edit source]

Following your regenerative slumber, a bow is offered to you by Hepzefa, advising you to practice outside his home. Aim to decapitate the two practice targets one at a time. Note that the right side positioned dummy requires multiple arrows due to the level difference with yourself, at this point only at level 1 to his more powerful level 3. The supply provides additional arrow should you need them. As you complete the task, Hepzefa is warned of the imminent arrival of soldiers intent on capturing Bayek.

Kill The Soldiers[edit | edit source]

A Lesson in Stealth[edit | edit source]

Having sought refuge in neighboring bushes, Hepzefa and yourself are privy to the soldiers’ mission to seek out Medjay, the man who assassinated Nomarch Rudjek.

Detection[edit | edit source]

Hepzefa’s house is encircled and your position is compromised by an approaching soldier. You are notified that a soldier is aware of you via a directional meter, colored white, that indicates his location. Enter stealth mode via the crouch button. A white light will emanate from you outwards, indicating that you are concealed.

Assassination[edit | edit source]

As the enemy approaches, the meter shifts from white to yellow, and finally red. These colors show the danger level indicating an opportune time to engage a stealth attack. Red requires some sleight of hand given the proximity of enemies and the fact they are moments away from spotting you, it is therefore advisable to attack prior to this. Perform a stealth attack to take down the soldier. Though in this instance the attack will result in a successful assassination, this won’t be the case outside of this mission, instead the enemy will be knocked out, requiring an extra attack to kill them via the assassination button. This is the case until you are in possession of the wrist blade.

You can move cadavers to conceal them from other enemies as well as loot them. In this instance, the tall grass acts as sufficient concealment and the body does not require any further tampering to hide it from the other soldiers, thus safeguarding your stealth position.

Bow Tagging[edit | edit source]

Your next target is back-facing and is located close to the entrance of the home. Use the bow to take him down, noting the tagging mechanisms (which allows you to track an enemy through buildings), the level indicator above them as you do so, and the orange meter indicating whether they will go down with a single shot or not. Should the orange meter not be full, a deftly aimed shot to the head will take them down. It is therefore important to ensure your level is constantly going up by completing side quests and the array of activities every province has to offer prior to advancing to a more difficult area.

Once the soldier is dead, Hepzefa will handily move the body to the tall grass, ensuring your stealth state is maintained and emphasizing the importance of concealing fallen enemies. Should you not do so and the body is spotted by another enemy, they will abandon their assigned patrol path and conduct a search in the vicinity. Cadavers can also be used as a luring tool to entice other enemies towards your position.

Takedown Assassination[edit | edit source]

Next, ascend Hepzefa’s home near the front entrance, making sure to bypass the door on the second floor to not divulge your position to the soldier patrolling. Continue your ascent to the balcony and position yourself on the left on the low wall, then peer down and perform a drop down assassination manoeuvre on the soldier on the second floor. This type of attack is useful as it can be executed from great heights, from which you would normally be confronted with an untimely death. Ensure you engage the takedown when prompted to do so and when the target is just underneath your character. Once again reach the balcony, and perform a similar take down on the solider located below the northern facing wall.

Whistle to Attract Enemies[edit | edit source]

Get in to stealth mode and aim for the tall grass in Hepzefa’s garden, locating the next soldier searching through the overgrown foliage. Approach him, then whistle to gain his attention. Note that you must perform a short whistle, a longer hold of the button summons your mount. As he comes close, kill him. Circle the house in stealth mode via the grass, to come upon the final enemy. Approach quietly and take him down.

Return to Hepzefa[edit | edit source]

Find Hepzefa, and enter his home. He urges your upstairs to give you a number of jobs offered to him by Siwa’s inhabitants. By doing so you can ensure your level is higher prior to engaging your next target, Medunamun. Hepzefa advises on the importance of improving your armor through upgrades and leveling up via exploration and side quests.

He urges you to visit the local blacksmith, Benipe, or make use of Senu, a friend you had presumed dead, to uncover improved weaponry. Senu, a falcon, survided thanks to the devotion of Rabiah. He acts as Bayek’s right-hand man and exploration tool. You joyously reunite with Senu, thus ending the first mission and pushing your character to level 2.