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TrinketsRaritySellDescriptionAcquired By
BallCommon17Made of leather. Hippos like them a lot.Small-value containers
Broken PotCommon8Who doesn't shave with a sharp shard? This pot bears its owner's name, and that person's probably in a vengeful mood.Small-value containers
Bronze CupRare25Where's the cupbearer? This thing needs filling.Small-value containers
Butcher’s CleaverCommon8Sometimes the fastest way out of a misunderstanding is to brandish a cleaver.Small-value containers
Cat AmuletLegendary80Twenty-two centuries ago, cats were the bee's knees.Small-value containers
DiademLegendary80Was probably stolen from a princess. Best sell it before someone traces the theft to you.Small-value containers
FluteRare25Make no mistake-even in ancient Egypt, parents plugged their ears while their children practiced the flute.Small-value containers
Golden BoltLegendary40All that's gold does not glitter, unless polished.Small-value containers
Golden PlateCommon8It's a plate made of gold. Useful if you ever need to serve appetizers.Small-value containers
GrapesCommon8Ah, grapes! The smooth resistance against your teeth, the pleasant rupture of the skin as you bite down, the rush of sweet juice onto your tongue...truly a food fit for the gods.Small-value containers
Hand of the GodCommon8Used for religious purposes. No high fives, please.Small-value containers
HatchetCommon17Trees quiver in the shadow of this mighty blade.Small-value containers
HeadrestCommon25A simple wooden headrest, essential for a good night's sleep. Guaranteed bedbug-free.Small-value containers
HoneycombCommon8The first person in history to taste honey must have been quite courageous. Carefully wrapped in oiled papyrus. Take a bit and relish the sweet taste.Small-value containers
Incense BurnerRare40It wouldn't be a ceremony without incense, would it?Small-value containers
Iron HammerRare25All that's missing is a bell and a song.Small-value containers
Jade ScarabRare25Used as a paperweight, a seal, an amulet, and sometimes even as a murder weapon.Small-value containers
Large PaintbrushCommon8You've got a lot to do today, but why not paint a picture instead?Small-value containers
Leather BagCommon17Recursion at its finest.Small-value containers
Leather BeltCommon8An essential accessory.Small-value containers
LuteRare40You're not even going to try your hand at this. Especially not after the lyre incident...Small-value containers
LyreRare40Imagining a stirring solo, you grab the lyre and pluck a few chords. But you don't know how to play it, so instead, you return it to your bag with a melancholy sigh.Small-value containers
ManuscriptRare25After quite a lot of time on the road, you've perfected the art of folding this sheet into a cunning little bird. Now what should you call this art?Small-value containers
NecklaceLegendary80The quintessential fashion statement, dating from time immemorial.Small-value containers
Opium PipeRare25Let the good times roll...Small-value containers
PestleCommon8Coriander, a dash of cumin...add a pinch of sesame seeds, and you've got the best dukkah this side of the Nile.Small-value containers
SaltCommon8Keeps away the evil eye. Also tasty on boiled eggs.Small-value containers
SistrumLegendary40This ancient musical instrument looks like a handheld metal abacus. Used primarily in religious ceremonies.Small-value containers
Small KnifeCommon17When you think about it, knives are basically fun-sized swords.Small-value containers
Small StatueCommon8This statue gives the impression that the gods never smile.Small-value containers
SpearheadCommon8Rusty, but worth salvaging for the iron.Small-value containers
Stone PitcherCommon17When empty, fill it. When full, empty it.Small-value containers
Stonemason’s ChiselCommon17The sturdy, reliable chisel is one of the most important tools known to civilization.Small-value containers
TambourineRare40You can't mess up the tambourine. Or can you?Small-value containers
Toy HorseCommon17Your father carved you a toy horse like this when you were young. You remember being disappointed that it wasn't life-sized. The disappointment never went away.Small-value containers
Unfinished SwordCommon8It's best when people finish what they start.Small-value containers
Wooden LogCommon8Examining the cracks of this log reveals a small colony of resident spiders.Small-value containers
Wooden MalletCommon8Mallets are a chisel's best friend.Small-value containers