War Elephants

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Killing War Elephants is a side Activity in Assassin's Creed: Origins.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

There are four War Elephants in total, scattered in different camps around Egypt. Killing them is no easy task because they are the most powerful foes players will face. However, succeeding will reward players with 1 AP per War Elephant, as well as a piece of Legendary gear from two of the four behemoths.

While fighting a War Elephant, the battle will get progressively harder. Therefore, it is recommended to start with melee attacks and try to save as much ammo as possible for the later phases of combat. It is also important to look around for loot bags that will refill Bayek's ammunition.

Keep moving and try to make use of all openings a War Elephant offers. When they turn or strafe, do not hesitate to move in for an attack.

Herwennefer[edit | edit source]

As the battle starts, Herwennefer's riders will begin firing arrows at Bayek. Use your shield to block them and wait for the War Elephant to blow his trunk. When he does so, he will expose his neck, which is a weak spot, so hit it with all you've got. After every melee combo, he will stand on his rear legs, exposing his belly. Shoot it with arrows to deal additional damage.

The battle will change twice:

  • When Herwennefer drops to 70% health, his riders will start throwing poison bombs. Move out of their range to avoid them.
  • When Herwennefer drops to 30% health, his riders will shoot arrows and throw bombs at the same time. Dodge them to the best of your abilities.

Surus[edit | edit source]

In the beginning of the battle, Surus will use a charge attack. He will first run away from Bayek, then charge towards him. While he is running away, pepper him with arrows. Also, watch out for the arrows fired by his riders.

The battle will change twice:

  • When Surus drops to 70% health, his riders will start firing arrows when he begins his charge attack. Use your shield to block them and avoid the elephant's charge.
  • When Surus drops to 30% health, he will become more aggressive. Additionally, his riders will also start using fire bombs.

Jumbe[edit | edit source]

Jumbe will employ two attacks. If you are caught right before him, he will swing at you. Dodge in the opposite direction to avoid the strike. If he is further away, he will charge at you. Try to position yourself near a wall and dodge to the side, so he can slam into it. This will stun him and open him up to your attacks.

  • When Jumbe drops to 70% health, his riders will start using smoke bombs while he is preparing for a charge. Make sure to avoid them, or you might be unable to dodge the elephant's attack.
  • When Jumbe drops to 30% health, he will stop falling for your tricks and he will not slam into walls. Additionally, if he misses with his charge, he will try two more times in a row. His riders will be throwing smoke bombs during his charges.

Qetesh and Resheph[edit | edit source]

Qetesh and Resheph employ the same tactics that can be seen with previous War Elephants. Qetesh mostly relies on her riders and keeps her distance, while they shoot at you. Resheph, on the other hand, takes a more hands-on approach and likes to charge at his enemies.

Qetesh will blow her trunk once her riders are done shooting at you. This will expose her neck - a weak spot that you must attack for additional damage. While focusing on her, however, be mindful that Resheph might decide to charge at you.

In the beginning, the two elephants will attack one at a time. However, once either of them reaches 60% health, they will start attacking together. Resheph will charge at you and Qetesh's riders will begin shooting at the same time. Use your shield to block the arrows and be ready to dodge out of Resheph's way.

Try not to focus on just one elephant when doing damage. Killing one of them will enrage the other and they will become far more aggressive. This is why you want to keep them at approximately the same health.