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World Events are side Activities in Assassin's Creed: Origins.

Overview[edit | edit source]

World Events are small side-quests that can start from any Egyptian citizen that needs assistance. If a World Event is available, it will be shown with an exclamation point icon on the map. Each World Event will grant either 100 or 150 XP upon completion.

Currently, there are five types of World Events in the game:

  • Assist Rebels: Protect a certain group of rebels by eliminating the force that opposes them.
  • Assist Rebels: Free specific prisoners from an enemy stronghold and lead them out to safety.
  • Predator Attack: Kill a specific predator that is attacking citizens.
  • Rogue Animal: Kill a specific animal that is attacking citizens.
  • Bandit/Roman Attack: Fend off attacking Bandits or Romans.